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Welcome to Government
Week of January 12: what is the purpose of a government? what are social norms? what do you want as an individual daily?
study guide
hello, I have attached the study guide. Good Luck!!
Humanitas topics from class
scarcity, three questions, economist (Ricardo, Say, Malthus....) supply, demand ,price ,marginal utility, banks....
Book Report: humanitas classes
Please remember you will need 10 quotes and they have to link to the book and to economics. Remember that everything has to show that you have actually READ the book. Picking a quote and relating it to outside information is not acceptable.
The summary must state how the book relates to Economics as a whole. How does the idea of Morals vs. Economics fit into the book? SOME SUGGESTIONS: Can a company be moral and still make a profit?(micro) Can a company compete and still look out for their customers?(Soul Identity) Can the life of an animal be more important than the bottom line of a company making money?(Alter of Eden)
Yes I have read all the books, so make sure you know how your quote fits into the book and link to what has been covered in class, including Justice: chapter 4 may be used.
Hope this helps to focus your book report.
humanitas PSA contacts
A few groups need to continue to research their contacts: please check to make sure that you have sources that will help with your topic.
collecting PSA contacts
Must have all PSA contacts by Monday: only period 1 and 2
Present the name, location and purpose of the organization and a contact person to me, for your PSA by Friday
November 3-7
Monday: Continue with Supply or Reading
Tuesday: Election activity
Wednesday - Thursday: Lecture
Friday : Quiz on Supply
Study guide demand
Just added study guide (check below)
October 20-24
Tuesday will start Merchants of Cool: Frontline documentary
Wednesday - Thursday: Supply notes
Friday: test (demand + Supply) (remember will include graphing, bring colors)
Week October 13-17
Topic Demand,Supply
Oct.15 PSAT
Spirit week
Test: chapter 2 Economics
October 8th: chapter test
October 6: work: book or research
October 7: chapter 2 work
October 8: Test
* Market systems (pure, central, transitional, traditional, mixed)
* Costco
* economic cartoon
October 9-10: Supply Demand Price
Food Project
Hello, Check below if you need the power point from work on September 26
Need an advertisement for a food and drink anything
Test September 16
Covered on this next test
1. Economic theory, Adam Smith, Thomas Malthus, David Ricardo, Karl Marx, Jean B. Say
2. Movie Gas Hole: Shell Oil company, What would happen next. Why don't cars get 100 miles to the gallon?
Reading passage.
Essay due September 9

essay number 1 due September 9th. Remember to only pick one of the two topics.
critical thinking; link to "What is Economics?"
How does Economics interact with our activates daily? What is Economics? (use articles to support all discussion issues.
Discussion Topics
 Food Project.pptx
Food Project
 Study Guide demand.docx
study guide demand
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